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The Bible’s Scientific Accuracy

How Can We Be Sure the Bible Is True?

If the Bible was authored by God, it should be like no other book ever written.

Does Science Agree With the Bible?

Are there scientific errors in the Bible?

When Did God Begin to Create the Universe?

The answer lies in how the words “beginning” and “day” are used in Genesis.

Is the Bible Outdated? Or Ahead of Its Time?

The Bible is not a science textbook, but it contains statements about science that may surprise you.

How Science Affects Your Life

What is the “scientific argument against the existence of God”?

Reasons to Trust the Bible—Scientific Accuracy

The Bible is not a science textbook, but is it scientifically accurate?

Portraits From the Past—Ignaz Semmelweis

Every modern family owes this man a debt of gratitude. Why?

Portraits From the Past—Galileo

In 1992, Pope John Paul II made a surprising statement regarding the Catholic Church and its treatment of Galileo.

Portraits From the Past—Aristotle

The ideas of this ancient philosopher deeply affected the teachings of Christendom.

God’s Laws on Hygiene Were Ahead of Their Time

The ancient nation of Israel benefited by following God’s advanced laws on hygiene.