Kingdom Truth​—Dispensing Spiritual Food

Kingdom Truth​—Dispensing Spiritual Food

YOU see your Bible student’s eyes light up as he grasps the meaning of the scripture you have just read together. Slowly, he says, “Do you mean that the Bible teaches that we can live in Paradise forever​—right here on this earth?” Your companion in the ministry smiles and says, “Well, what did you see in the Bible?” Overwhelmed, the student shakes his head in wonderment, saying, “I just can’t believe that I was never taught this before!” You recall that he said something similar just a few weeks ago when he learned for the first time that God’s name is Jehovah.

Have you ever had such an experience? Many of God’s people have. Few things can so vividly remind us of the precious gift we have been given​—the knowledge of the truth! Stop and think: How did that gift come to you? In this section we will examine that question. The way that God’s people have progressively received spiritual enlightenment is a vivid proof that God’s Kingdom is real. For a century, its King, Jesus Christ, has been actively ensuring that God’s people are taught the truth.



Jehovah Reveals His Purpose

Was the Kingdom part of God’s original purpose? How did Jesus shed light on the Kingdom?


Jehovah Exalts His Name

What has the Kingdom accomplished regarding God’s name? How can you personally share in sanctifying Jehovah’s name?


The King Shines Light on the Kingdom

Gain a clearer understanding about the Kingdom of God, its rulers and subjects, and the requirement of loyalty.