Kingdom Preaching​—Spreading the Good News Worldwide

Kingdom Preaching​—Spreading the Good News Worldwide

YOU prepare for the ministry early on your day off from secular work. You hesitate for a moment, feeling a bit tired. A morning of rest seems so appealing! But you pray about it and resolve to go. You work with a faithful elderly sister, and her endurance and kindness touch your heart. And as you share the message of the truth from house to house, it occurs to you that your brothers and sisters around the world are sharing this same message, using the same literature, all benefiting from the same training. By the time you get home, you feel energized. You are so glad you did not stay home!

At present, the Christian ministry is the chief work of God’s Kingdom. Jesus foretold that the preaching work would have an astounding scope during the last days. (Matt. 24:14) How has his prophecy been fulfilled? In this section, we will examine the people, the methods, and the tools that have been so important to the Christian ministry, which is helping millions the world over to see God’s Kingdom as real.



People Who Preach​—Ministers Offer Themselves Willingly

Why was Jesus confident that he would have an army of willing preachers in the last days? How can you show that you are seeking first the Kingdom?


Methods of Preaching​—Using Every Means to Reach People

Learn about the innovative techniques God’s people have used to reach as many people as possible with the good news before the end comes.


Tools for Preaching​—Producing Literature for the Worldwide Field

How does our translation work prove that we have Jesus’ backing? What facts about our publications prove to you that the Kingdom is real?


Results of Preaching​—“The Fields . . . Are White for Harvesting”

Jesus taught his disciples two important lessons about the great spiritual harvest. How do these lessons affect us today?