Kingdom Conquests​—Legally Establishing the Good News

Kingdom Conquests​—Legally Establishing the Good News

WHILE preaching from house to house, you hear a siren in the distance. It steadily gets louder. As you start speaking to the next householder, your witnessing partner is distracted when a police car pulls up. An officer gets out and approaches, asking: “Are the two of you the people who have been going door to door talking about the Bible? We’ve been getting complaints!” You answer respectfully, identifying yourselves as Jehovah’s Witnesses. What will happen next?

To a great extent, this depends on history. Over the years, how has the government of the land where you live dealt with Jehovah’s Witnesses? Is there a measure of religious freedom? If so, that likely has a lot to do with the way your spiritual brothers and sisters over the decades have worked hard in “the defending and legally establishing of the good news.” (Phil. 1:7) Wherever you live, pondering the record of the legal victories of Jehovah’s Witnesses can be very faith-strengthening. In this section, we will examine some of that remarkable record. Our victories provide thrilling proof that the Kingdom is a reality, for we could never have achieved so much on our own!



Kingdom Preachers Take Their Case to Court

Judges in some modern-day high courts adopt the view of the ancient Law teacher Gamaliel.


Loyally Supporting God’s Government and No Other

The “river” of persecution brought on Jehovah’s Witnesses because of their political neutrality has been swallowed by an unexpected source.


Fighting for Freedom to Worship

God’s people have fought for the right to obey the law​—the law of God’s Kingdom.