Kingdom Education​—Training Servants of the King

Kingdom Education​—Training Servants of the King

YOU smile encouragingly at the speaker on the platform. He is a young brother from your congregation, and he is giving his first part on an assembly program. As you enjoy his talk, you cannot help but marvel at the training God’s people receive. You remember this young man’s first efforts on the platform​—and look how far he has come! He made significant progress after attending the Pioneer Service School. Most recently, he and his wife enjoyed attending the School for Kingdom Evangelizers. While applauding the brother’s excellent talk, you look around and think of the instruction that all of God’s people receive.

The Bible foretold a time when God’s people would all be “taught by Jehovah.” (Isa. 54:13) We are living during that time. We receive education not only through our publications but also through our meetings, assemblies, conventions, and the various schools designed to prepare us for particular assignments in Jehovah’s organization. In this section, we will consider how all of this education provides solid proof that God’s Kingdom is ruling today.



Meeting Together for Worship

How can we get the most benefit from meetings to worship Jehovah?


Training Ministers of the Kingdom

How have theocratic schools prepared Kingdom ministers to fulfill their assignments?