Kingdom Support​—Building for Worship and Providing Relief

Kingdom Support​—Building for Worship and Providing Relief

YOU walk into your Kingdom Hall and hardly recognize the place. You have always been proud of this building. You may even have happy memories of helping in its construction some years ago. But in a way you are even prouder now, for the Kingdom Hall has been transformed temporarily into a relief center. After a recent storm brought floods and devastation to your region, the Branch Committee quickly organized a way for the victims of the disaster to get food, clothing, clean water, and other help. Donated relief supplies are neatly arranged. Brothers and sisters are filing in, getting what they need and, in many cases, wiping tears of joy from their eyes.

Jesus said that the outstanding mark of his people would be their love for one another. (John 13:34, 35) In this section, we will consider how Christian love is being shown in the building projects and the relief efforts undertaken by Jehovah’s Witnesses. All such love is powerful evidence that we live under Jesus’ Kingdom rule.



How Kingdom Activities Are Financed

Where does the money come from? How is it used?


Building Work That Honors Jehovah

Places of worship bring honor to God, but he values something else even more highly.


The Ministry of Relief

How do we know that relief work is part of our sacred service to Jehovah?