Kingdom Promises​—Making All Things New

Kingdom Promises​—Making All Things New

YOU pluck a luscious apple from the branch. You take in its aroma before adding it to the growing mound in the basket. You have been working for hours, but you feel fine and ready for a bit more work. Your mother is at a tree nearby, happily working and chatting with other family members and friends who are helping with the harvest. She looks so young​—the way you remember her when you were just a child all those years ago. It is hard to believe that you saw her grow old in the world that is now long gone. You saw her waste away with illness, you held her hand as she breathed her last, and you wept at her graveside. Yet, here she is, along with so many others, alive and healthy again!

Such days will come; we know it. We know it because God’s promises always come true. In this section, we will consider how some Kingdom promises will be fulfilled in the near future, leading up to the war of Armageddon. We will also review some of the thrilling Kingdom promises that will be fulfilled thereafter. How delighted we will be to see the time when God’s Kingdom rules over this whole earth, making all things new!



God’s Kingdom Removes Its Enemies

You can prepare now for the battle of Armageddon.


The Kingdom Carries Out God’s Will on Earth

How can you be sure that Jehovah’s promises will come true?