Psalms 48:1-14

  • Zion, the city of the Grand King

    • The joy of the whole earth (2)

    • Inspect the city and its towers (11-13)

A song. A melody of the sons of Korʹah.+ 48  Jehovah is great and most worthy of praiseIn the city of our God, in his holy mountain.   Beautiful in its loftiness, the joy of the whole earth,+Is Mount Zion in the far north,The city of the Grand King.+   In her fortified towers,God has made known that he is a secure refuge.*+   For look! kings have assembled;*Together they have advanced.   When they saw it, they were amazed. They panicked and fled in terror.   Trembling seized them there,Anguish like that of a woman giving birth.   With an east wind you wreck the ships of Tarʹshish.   What we heard about, we have now seen for ourselvesIn the city of Jehovah of armies, in the city of our God. God will firmly establish it forever.+ (Selah)   We ponder your loyal love, O God,+Within your temple. 10  Like your name, O God, your praiseReaches to the ends of the earth.+ Your right hand is filled with righteousness.+ 11  May Mount Zion+ rejoice,May the towns* of Judah be joyful, because of your judgments.+ 12  March around Zion; go all around it;Count its towers.+ 13  Set your hearts upon its ramparts.*+ Inspect its fortified towers,So that you may tell about it to future generations. 14  For this God is our God+ forever and ever. He will guide us forevermore.*+


Or “secure height.”
Or “met by appointment.”
Lit., “daughters.”
Or “fortified walls.”
Or possibly, “until we die.”