Psalms 116:1-19

  • A song of gratitude

    • “With what will I repay Jehovah?” (12)

    • “I will take up the cup of salvation” (13)

    • “I will pay my vows to Jehovah” (14, 18)

    • Costly is the death of loyal ones (15)

116  I love JehovahBecause he hears* my voice, my pleas for help.+   For he inclines his ear* to me,+And I will call on him as long as I live.*   The ropes of death encircled me;The Grave had me in its grip.*+ I was overcome by distress and grief.+   But I called on the name of Jehovah:+ “O Jehovah, rescue me!”*   Jehovah is compassionate* and righteous;+Our God is merciful.+   Jehovah is guarding the inexperienced.+ I was brought low, and he saved me.   Let my soul* rest once again,For Jehovah has dealt kindly with me.   You have rescued me* from death,My eye from tears, my foot from stumbling.+   I will walk before Jehovah in the land of the living. 10  I had faith, for I spoke;+I was greatly afflicted. 11  As for me, I panicked and said: “Every man is a liar.”+ 12  With what will I repay JehovahFor all the good he has done for me? 13  I will take up the cup of salvation,*And I will call on the name of Jehovah. 14  I will pay my vows to JehovahIn the presence of all his people.+ 15  Costly* in the eyes of JehovahIs the death of his loyal ones.+ 16  I beg you, O Jehovah,For I am your servant. I am your servant, the son of your slave girl. You have freed me from my bonds.+ 17  I will offer to you the sacrifice of thanksgiving;+I will call on the name of Jehovah. 18  I will pay my vows to Jehovah+In the presence of all his people,+ 19  In the courtyards of the house of Jehovah,+In your midst, O Jerusalem. Praise Jah!*+


Or possibly, “I love because Jehovah hears.”
Or “bends down to listen.”
Lit., “in my days.”
Lit., “The distresses of Sheol found me.”
Or “my soul.”
Or “gracious.”
Or “my soul.”
Or “grand salvation.”
Lit., “Precious.”
Or “Hallelujah!” “Jah” is a shortened form of the name Jehovah.