Psalms 20:1-9

  • Salvation for God’s anointed king

    • Some rely on chariots and horses, ‘but we call on Jehovah’s name’ (7)

To the director. A melody of David. 20  May Jehovah answer you in the day of distress. May the name of the God of Jacob protect you.+   May he send you help from the holy place+And sustain you from Zion.+   May he remember all your gift offerings;May he accept with favor* your burnt offering. (Selah)   May he grant you the desires of your heart+And give success to all your plans.*   We will shout joyfully over your acts of salvation;+We will lift our banners in the name of our God.+ May Jehovah fulfill all your requests.   Now I do know that Jehovah saves his anointed one.+ He answers him from his holy heavensWith great salvation* by his right hand.+   Some rely on chariots and others on horses,+But we call on the name of Jehovah our God.+   They have collapsed and fallen,But we have risen up and been restored.+   O Jehovah, save the king!+ He will answer us in the day we call for help.+


Lit., “consider as being fat.”
Or “counsel.”
Or “victories.”