Psalms 120:1-7

  • A foreigner’s longing for peace

    • ‘Rescue me from a deceitful tongue’ (2)

    • “I am for peace” (7)

A Song of the Ascents.* 120  I called to Jehovah in my distress,+And he answered me.+   O Jehovah, rescue me* from lying lipsAnd from the deceitful tongue.   What will He do to you, and how will He punish you,*You deceitful tongue?+   With sharp arrows+ of a warriorAnd burning coals+ of broomwood.   Woe to me, for I have lived as a foreigner in Meʹshech!+ I have been dwelling among the tents of Keʹdar.+   I have* been dwelling far too longWith those who hate peace.+   I am for peace, but when I speak,They are for war.


Or “my soul.”
Lit., “and what will He add to you?”
Or “My soul has.”