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Jehovah’s Witnesses



What Is the Bible All About?

The Bible tells us how we got here and how God has arranged to deliver mankind by means of a Messiah.

Why Should the Bible Interest You?

The Bible claims to be not just a book about God but also a book from God. What can you learn from it?

How Did We Get Here?

Simply, in few words, Genesis, the first book of the Bible, explains the origin of the universe. What else can we learn from Genesis?

God Arranges to Deliver Mankind

How is the Messiah involved in a promise God made to Abraham? Learn how God will free mankind from sickness, suffering, and death.

“We Have Found the Messiah”!

Many believe Jesus to be the promised Messiah. Others do not. Examine what the Bible says.

Good News for All Mankind

How can God’s message for mankind as found in the Bible benefit you today and in the future?

Moving Forward After Divorce

Almost all who divorce find that life afterward is harder than they expected. The Bible’s practical advice can help you to cope successfully.

“Jehovah Freely Forgave You”

God willingly forgives repentant sinners. How should that affect our treatment of others? Why is forgiveness so important?

“Many People Hated Me”

Learn how studying the Bible helped a violent man to become peaceable.

How Does Color Affect You?

Colors can have an emotional impact on people. Consider three colors and how they may affect you.

Bible Questions Answered

What is the hope for those who have died? Can they live again?

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Learn what Jesus told his earliest disciples to do.