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Good News for All Mankind

Good News for All Mankind

The resurrection of Jesus filled his disciples with conviction and zeal. The apostle Paul in particular traveled throughout Asia Minor and the Mediterranean, organizing congregations and strengthening Christians to stand firm in the face of moral pressures and violent opposition. Despite such challenges, Christianity flourished and spread.

Paul himself was put in prison. Yet, even there he wrote letters of encouragement and counsel to the Christian congregations. He warned of an even greater threat—apostasy. Guided by God’s holy spirit, Paul foresaw that “oppressive wolves” speaking “twisted things” would enter in among them and “draw away the disciples after themselves.”Acts 20:29, 30.

By the end of the first century, this apostasy had begun. About that time the resurrected Jesus gave the apostle John the Revelation, a symbolic view of the future. As John then wrote, neither opposers nor false teachers would prevent God from completely realizing his original purpose for the earth and humankind. “Every nation and tribe and tongue and people” will hear the good news about God’s Kingdom. (Revelation 14:6) Paradise will be restored on earth, and anyone who wishes to do God’s will can be part of it!

Does that sound like “good news” to you? If so, learn more about God’s message for mankind as found in the Bible and how it can benefit you today and in the future.

You can read the Bible for yourself online at On that Web site, you can also examine the brochures The Bible—What Is Its Message? and Good News From God! as well as the book What Does the Bible Really Teach? along with other publications that discuss why we can trust the Bible and how we can apply its practical counsel in our family and personal life. Or ask any of Jehovah’s Witnesses for further information.

Based on Acts, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Philemon, 1 John, Revelation.