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Why Should the Bible Interest You?

Why Should the Bible Interest You?

The Bible is by far the world’s most popular book. Why? For one thing, it is easy to identify with. It contains true-life accounts of real people and their interactions with one another and with God. These accounts teach practical lessons using simple and straightforward words that can be translated into hundreds of languages and understood by people living in any place or time period. And the Bible’s principles always work.

Most important, the Bible claims to be not just a book about God but also a book from God. It reveals God’s name, his personality, and his unchangeable purpose in creating the earth and humans. The Bible also relates the historic struggle of good versus evil: a fascinating, universal drama with a happy ending. Reading the Bible with an open mind thus lays a basis for faith and hope.

In the Bible, we find information available nowhere else. For example, the Bible tells us the truth about such topics as these:

  • Where we come from and why we suffer

  • God’s arrangement to redeem humankind

  • What Jesus has done for us

  • The future of the earth and humans

Why not take a brief look at the following pages and consider what the Bible is all about?