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Jehovah’s Witnesses



When Tragedy Strikes—How You Can Cope

When you face great adversity, how will you react?

Watching the World

Subjects include: a place where female binge drinkers outnumber those who are male, life that flourishes in a surprising spot, and a country that paid its people in gold to lose weight.

When Tragedy Strikes

The Bible can help you to cope.

Loss of Possessions

Kei lost everything in the 2011 Japanese tsunami. He received help from friends and relief agencies, but a Bible text helped him even more.

Loss of Health

Mabel worked as a physical-rehabilitation therapist. After her surgery for a brain tumor, though, she had to face the same challenges that she used to help her patients to overcome.

Loss of a Loved One

Five of Ronaldo’s close family members died in a car crash 16 years ago. Although he still feels a void, he has found inner peace.

How to Show Texting Manners

Is it rude to interrupt a conversation just to check a text message? Or is it rude to ignore a text message just to continue a conversation?

A Visit to Ireland

Meet the warmhearted people of the Emerald Isle.

An Experimental Physicist Explains His Faith

Two key facts from nature convinced Wenlong He that there is a Creator.


The Bible explains why there are so many religions.

The Gastric Brooding Frog’s Reproductive System

Why would an evolutionist say that a slow and progressive change in its biology is inconceivable?

More Online Features

How Can I Explain My Beliefs About Sex?

If asked, ‘Are you still a virgin?’ can you explain your beliefs about sex from the Bible?

What if People Are Gossiping About Me?

How can you deal with gossip so that it doesn’t destroy you or your reputation?

How Can I Stop Procrastinating?

Get tips on how to stop putting things off!

Young People Talk About Money

Get tips on saving, spending, and keeping money in its place.

Baby Moses Is Found

Who are the people in the picture? Read the Bible story in Exodus chapter 2 to find out.