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How JW Library Uses Your Data

How JW Library Uses Your Data

Some essential data must be transferred between us and your device in order to make the app work. None of this data will ever be sold or used for marketing. The app also stores data on your device that you input while using it. The use of your data in JW Library can be broken into three categories:

Data From Our Website

JW Library works by downloading data from the website. This data includes catalogs of available content as well as the content itself. This allows you to receive the most up-to-date content. The app does not send any information about you or your device when downloading this data from the website.

As is common with Internet downloads, the website does have access to your IP address when the app downloads data from This IP address is not used to identify or track individuals but to protect the security of the app and the website. More information on the use of data on can be found in its Privacy Policy.

You can prevent all requests to by enabling “offline mode” in the app. However, doing so severely limits the functionality of the app.

Your Personal Choices and Data

JW Library has features that allow you to enter and save your personal choices and data. For example, you can highlight content, make notes and playlists, choose a default Bible, and mark items as favorites. All such data is stored only on the app and is never sent to us. You can choose to export your data to make your own backups.

The app also stores some preferences and configurations in response to actions you take. For example, it stores your recent choices of publication, video, language, highlight color, search text, and video-streaming resolution. This allows the app to provide the functionality you expect.

Optional Diagnostic and Usage Data

Additionally, the app gives you the opportunity to share certain optional diagnostic and usage data with us. This data helps us keep the app performing well. We never sell this data or use it for marketing. The Settings page in the app allows you to control whether the app shares this data or not.

When diagnostic and usage data is sent to us, it includes a unique installation identifier. This identifier is not connected to you, and we have no way of tracing it back to a specific individual. You can reset this identifier at any time by removing and reinstalling the app on your device.