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From Our Archives

Read about people and events in the modern-day history of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Historical Overview

Broadcasting the Good News

How did Jehovah’s Witnesses use the WBBR radio station to spread the Kingdom message?

“A Very Precious Season”

Zion’s Watch Tower called the time of the Memorial of Christ’s death “a very precious season” and encouraged readers to commemorate it. How was the Memorial commemorated in the early days?

“There Is More Harvest Work to Be Done”

There are over 760,000 Jehovah’s Witnesses who spread the Bible truth in Brazil. How did the preaching work get its start in South America?

He Saw That Love Ran the Cafeteria

If you have attended conventions of Jehovah’s Witnesses only since the 1990’s or later, you might be surprised to learn about an arrangement that we used for decades.

How the First Kingdom Seeds Were Sown in Portugal

What obstacles did early Kingdom preachers in Portugal overcome?

1870 to 1918

Public Talks Spread the Good News in Ireland

What convinced C. T. Russell that the field there was “ready and waiting to be harvested”?

A 100-Year-Old Epic of Faith

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the premiere of the “Photo-Drama of Creation,” designed to build faith in the Bible as the Word of God.

The “Eureka Drama” Helped Many to Find Bible Truth

This abbreviated version of the “Photo-Drama of Creation” could be shown in remote areas, even without electricity.

“I Am Reaping Fruit to Jehovah’s Praise”

Although Bible students did not fully understand the issue of Christian neutrality during World War I, their sincerity produced fine results.

They Stood Firm in an “Hour of Test”

Read how the outbreak of World War I in 1914 eventually brought the neutral stand of the Bible Students to the world’s attention.

1919 to 1930

“To Whom the Work Is Entrusted”

An event in 1919 marked the beginning of a work with global consequences.

“With More Zeal and Love in Our Hearts Than Ever Before”

After their 1922 convention, how did the Bible Students apply the counsel to “advertise the King and his kingdom”?

‘It Was the Best Message Ever Heard’

By 1926, the Bible Students, as Jehovah’s Witnesses were then called, were operating their own radio stations in four Canadian cities.

Dawn Breaks in the Land of the Rising Sun

Specially built vehicles called “Jehus” helped advance the Kingdom preaching work in Japan.

The “Unforgettable” Came Just in Time

Discover how the new “Creation Drama” helped the Witnesses in Germany face tests of faith during World War II.

“Jehovah Brought You to France to Learn the Truth”

The 1919 immigration pact signed between France and Poland had unexpected consequences.

“I Was Like a Turtle in Its Shell”

Late in 1929, the global economic system crashed into the Great Depression. How did full-time preachers manage during that crisis?

1931 to Present

They Stayed Spiritually Strong in Difficult Times

Life wasn’t easy for the brothers in areas of Europe devastated by World War II. What lessons can we learn from those who lived through that difficult time?

United in a Divided Country

How did Jehovah’s Witnesses in South Africa deal with apartheid? And what does this part of their history teach us?

A Cultural Organization That Taught Bible Truth

For 50 years, Jehovah’s Witnesses in Mexico were legally registered as a civil and cultural association. Although our worship had restrictions, see how Jehovah continued to bless our work.

“Nothing Under the Sun Should Stop You!”

Full-time ministers in France in the 1930’s left a legacy of zeal and endurance.

“No Road Too Rough or Too Long”

During the late 1920’s and early 1930’s, zealous pioneers showed their determination to take the good news of God’s Kingdom into the vast Australian outback.

“When Are We Going to Have Another Assembly?”

What made a small convention held in Mexico City, in 1932, so noteworthy?

The King Was Delighted!

Read how a king in Swaziland appreciated learning Bible truths.

The Lightbearer Takes Spiritual Light to Southeast Asia

Despite opposition, the small crew of the Lightbearer courageously spread the light of Bible truth in a vast region with a large population.

The Sound Car Known to Millions

From 1936 to 1941, the “Watch Tower sound car” enabled the few Witnesses in Brazil to reach millions with the Kingdom message.

“Kingdom Publishers in Britain​—Wake Up!!”

There had been no substantial increase in the number of Kingdom publishers in Britain for ten years! What finally turned things around?

Jehovah’s Witnesses in New Zealand​—Peaceful and Devout Christians?

In the 1940’s, why were the Witnesses considered a danger to public safety?

They Gave Their Best

How did Jehovah’s Witnesses help their fellow believers in Germany immediately following the second world war?

Advancing Global Literacy

Officials in various countries have praised the work Jehovah’s Witnesses have done to advance literacy.