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Make a Good Name With God

Make a Good Name With God

(Ecclesiastes 7:1)

  1. 1. Throughout our lifetime, We want to use each day

    To make a good name And all God’s laws obey.

    If in Jehovah’s sight We strive to do what’s right,

    Then we will please him, To his delight.

  2. 2. This world may cause us To try to make a name,

    To seek its favor, To bask in its acclaim.

    But that is vanity, For if its friend we’ll be,

    Jehovah’s favor, We will not see.

  3. 3. In God’s remembrance, We want our name to be

    And have a good name For all eternity.

    On him we can depend, So we his truth defend

    And keep our good name Down to the end.