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To Whom Do We Belong?

To Whom Do We Belong?

(Romans 14:8)

  1. 1. To whom do you belong?

    Which god do you now obey?

    Your master’s the one to whom you bow.

    He is your god; you serve him now.

    You cannot serve two gods;

    Devotion cannot be shared.

    And so in the end your choice will depend

    On how your heart is prepared.

  2. 2. To whom do you belong?

    Which god will you now obey?

    For one god is false and one is true,

    So make your choice; it’s up to you.

    Will Caesar of this world

    Possess your allegiance still?

    Or will you obey the true God today

    By always doing his will?

  3. 3. To whom do I belong?

    Jehovah I will obey.

    My Father in heaven I will serve;

    I’ll pay my vows without reserve.

    He bought me at great cost;

    Devoted to him I’ll stay.

    To him I will give each moment I live.

    His name I’ll honor each day.