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Great God, Jehovah

Great God, Jehovah

(Exodus 34:6, 7)

  1. 1. Great God, Jehovah, you are deserving,

    Worthy of the highest praise,

    Good and just in all your ways.

    You have such power, deep love, and wisdom.

    You are God to endless days.

  2. 2. Father, we feel your tender compassion.

    We are dust, and still you care;

    Graciously you hear our prayer.

    How you sustain us, teach us, and guide us!

    Help from you is always there.

  3. 3. Heaven and earth now sing of your glory.

    Joyfully with voices raised,

    We exalt you all our days.

    Great God, Jehovah, you are deserving.

    Please accept our heartfelt praise.