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Christ, Our Model

Christ, Our Model

(1 Peter 2:21)

  1. 1. What love Jehovah showed,

    What goodness from him flowed,

    When for all mankind he offered his Firstborn.

    Christ took on human form—

    The Son of man was born—

    By his example, God’s name he adorned.

  2. 2. Jehovah’s Word, he said,

    Sustained his life like bread.

    It gave him wisdom and knowledge and insight.

    His Father’s willing slave,

    A model Jesus gave;

    To please his Father would bring him delight.

  3. 3. Like Jesus, may our days

    Provide Jehovah praise,

    And may his footsteps become our own roadway.

    Let Jesus’ model be

    Our path eternally,

    And then God’s favor we’ll know day by day.