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SONG 114

“Exercise Patience”

“Exercise Patience”

(James 5:8)

  1. 1. Our Sov’reign Lord Jehovah

    Is zealous for his holy name.

    He fervently desires

    To clear it from unrighteous blame.

    Through many generations,

    Great endurance he has shown;

    In loving, kindly patience,

    Not weary has he grown.

    His will is that salvation

    All sorts of people might attain.

    Long-lasting, loving patience

    By God will not have been in vain.

  2. 2. The quality of patience

    Will help us on our godly path.

    It lets our heart be tranquil,

    Protects us from unrighteous wrath.

    It finds the good in others,

    Always hoping for the best.

    It helps us keep our balance

    In times when we’re distressed.

    Along with other virtues

    That holy spirit can bestow,

    Our patience will assist us

    To imitate the God we know.