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Why Study the Bible?

Why Study the Bible?
  • What is the purpose of life?

  • Why do people suffer and die?

  • What does the future hold?

  • Does God care about me?

Have you ever asked yourself questions like those? If so, you are not alone. People around the world are pondering life’s big questions. Can you find the answers?

Millions of people would say, “Yes!” Why? Because they have found satisfying answers to their questions in the Bible. Would you like to know what the Bible says? Then you may wish to benefit from a free Bible study program offered by Jehovah’s Witnesses. *

True, when it comes to looking into the Bible, some people say: “I’m too busy.” “It’s too hard.” “I’m wary of commitment.” But others take a different view. They welcome the opportunity to learn what the Bible teaches. Consider just a few examples:

  • “I attended Catholic and Protestant churches, a Sikh temple, and a Buddhist monastery, and I studied theology at a university. Yet many of my spiritual questions went unanswered. Then one of Jehovah’s Witnesses called at my home. Impressed by her Bible-based answers, I agreed to a Bible study.”—Gill, England.

  • “I had many questions about life, but my church pastor’s responses did not satisfy me. However, one of Jehovah’s Witnesses answered my questions using only the Bible. When he asked me if I wanted to learn more, I gladly accepted.”—Koffi, Benin.

  • “I was curious about the condition of the dead. I believed that the dead could harm the living, but I wanted to know what the Bible said. So I started studying the Bible with a friend who was a Witness.”—José, Brazil.

  • “I tried reading the Bible but could not understand it. Then Jehovah’s Witnesses called on me and clearly explained several Bible prophecies. I wanted to see what else I could learn.”—Dennize, Mexico.

  • “I wondered if God truly cared about me. So I decided to pray to the God of the Bible. The next day the Witnesses knocked on my door, and I accepted a Bible study.”—Anju, Nepal.

Those experiences remind us of Jesus’ words: “Happy are those conscious of their spiritual need.” (Matthew 5:3) Yes, humans have an innate spiritual need. Only God can fill that need, and he does so through his Word, the Bible.

So, what does a Bible study involve? How can it benefit you? These questions will be answered in the following article.

^ par. 8 Jehovah is the name of God as revealed in the Bible.