THE WATCHTOWER January 2015 | A Government Free of Corruption

Worldwide, people view institutions related to government as the most corrupt. Is a government without corruption just a dream?


The Poison of Government Corruption

The problem may be even worse than you realize.


God’s Kingdom​—A Government With No Corruption

Six features of the Kingdom prove that it will always be completely free of corruption.


Bible Truth Satisfied My Thirst for Answers

Mayli Gündel stopped believing in God when her father died. How did she gain true faith and find inner peace?

Husbands​—Make Your Home Secure

A family can be secure financially, yet insecure in a more important way.

Did You Know?

As used in the Bible, what does the term “eunuch” mean? Why did shepherds in Bible times separate sheep from goats?

Should We Pray to Jesus?

Jesus himself answers the question.

Bible Questions Answered

Were humans created by God, or did they originate from animals?

More Online Features

Does the Bible Comment on Same-Sex Marriages?

The originator of marriage should know best how to make a permanent and happy bond.