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Bible Questions Answered

Bible Questions Answered

Why pray for God’s Kingdom to come?

Do you want to know more about God’s Kingdom and what it will accomplish?

God’s Kingdom is a heavenly government. Jesus told his followers to pray for it to come because it will restore righteousness and peace to the earth. No human government can completely eliminate violence, injustice, or disease, but God’s Kingdom can and will. God has chosen his Son, Jesus, to be King of the Kingdom. Jehovah has also chosen a group of Jesus’ followers to be associate rulers with Jesus in the Kingdom.Read Luke 11:2; 22:28-30.

Soon, God’s Kingdom will take action against all opposers of God’s rule. So the prayer for God’s Kingdom to come is a request for God’s government to replace all human governments.Read Daniel 7:13, 14; Revelation 11:15, 18.

Why will God’s Kingdom benefit people?

Jesus is an ideal King because he is compassionate. As God’s Son, he also has the power to provide help for all who cry to God for aid.Read Psalm 72:8, 12-14.

God’s Kingdom will benefit all who sincerely pray for it to come and who bring their lives into harmony with God’s will. You will never regret learning what the Bible says about God’s Kingdom.Read Luke 18:16, 17; John 4:23.