THE WATCHTOWER April 2014 | Should You Pray?

If God already knows what we need, do we really need to pray? The Bible answers this question.


Why Do People Pray?

Many who do not believe in God still pray. Why?


Should You Pray?

God can answer prayers without performing miracles.


They Used the Bible to Answer Every Question!

Isolina Lamela was a Catholic nun, then a Communist activist, but became disillusioned in both pursuits. Later, she met Jehovah’s Witnesses, who helped her from the Bible to find a clear purpose in life.

You Can Resist Temptation!

Three steps can help you to develop willpower.

Did You Know?

What chances did a runaway slave have in ancient Rome? Why was Tyrian purple the most expensive dye in the world?

Thomas Emlyn—Blasphemer or Advocate of Truth?

His Bible research put him at odds with not only the Church of Ireland, but also the Queen’s Court.

Bible Questions Answered

Jesus takes action to bring peace on earth.

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