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Prophecy 3. Disease

Prophecy 3. Disease

 Prophecy 3. Disease

“People will . . . suffer terrible diseases.”​—LUKE 21:11, Contemporary English Version.

● Bonzali, a public health officer in an African country torn by civil war, does what little he can to treat mine workers in his town who are dying of Marburg virus. * His pleas for help from officials in a larger city have gone unanswered. Four months later, assistance finally arrives, but Bonzali is dead. He contracted Marburg from the miners he tried to save.

WHAT DO THE FACTS SHOW? Lower respiratory infections (such as pneumonia), diarrheal diseases, HIV/​AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria are among the most destructive diseases that afflict mankind. In a recent year, these five categories of disease killed an estimated 10.7 million individuals. Put another way, the diseases killed approximately one person every three seconds, all year long.

WHAT IS A COMMON OBJECTION? The world’s population continues to grow, so there are, of course, more cases of disease. There are more people who can be infected.

IS THAT OBJECTION VALID? The world’s population has increased drastically. But so has man’s ability to diagnose, control, and treat disease. Logically, then, should not disease be losing its grip on the human family? Yet, just the opposite is happening.

WHAT DO YOU THINK? Are people suffering from terrible diseases as the Bible foretold?

Earthquakes, famine, and disease are impersonal forces that wreak havoc on millions of people. Millions more suffer at the hands of fellow humans​—many being victimized by those who should protect them. Note what Bible prophecy says would happen.


^ par. 3 Marburg Hemorrhagic Fever is caused by a virus that is related to Ebola.

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“It’s horrible to be eaten from without by a lion or something, but it’s equally horrible to be eaten from the inside out by some terrible bug and to see that going on all around you.”​—EPIDEMIOLOGIST MICHAEL OSTERHOLM.

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