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The Man Who Changed the World

The Man Who Changed the World

The Man Who Changed the World

Billions of people have lived and died on this earth. Most have left no footprint on the sands of time. A few, however, have influenced the course of history​—and likely your everyday life.

YOU get up in the morning and prepare to leave for work. You turn on the lights while you are getting ready. You grab a book or magazine to read on the bus. You remember to take the prescribed antibiotic that is helping you to fight an infection. Your day has hardly begun, and you already have benefited from the influence of a few notable men.

Michael Faraday Born in 1791, this English physicist was the inventor of the electric motor and the dynamo. His breakthroughs helped to make electricity more available for human use.

Ts’ai Lun An official at the imperial court of China, Ts’ai Lun is credited with developing a paper-making process in about 105 C.E. that led to the mass production of paper.

Johannes Gutenberg About 1450, this German inventor developed the first printing press using movable type. The press made possible inexpensive printing, thus providing widespread access to information on a vast array of topics.

Alexander Fleming In 1928, this Scottish researcher discovered an antibiotic substance he named penicillin. Antibiotics are now widely used to treat bacterial infections.

Without question, the discoveries and innovations of a few men have enabled billions of people to have certain advantages or to enjoy better health.

There is, however, one man who stands out above all others. He is not known for any scientific discovery or medical breakthrough. Rather, this man of humble background who died nearly 2,000 years ago left behind a message​—a powerful message of hope and comfort. When measured by the degree to which his message has affected the lives of people earth wide, many would agree that he truly is the man who changed the world.

That man was Jesus Christ. What message did he preach? And what effect can that message have on your life?