This issue contains the study articles for July 6–August 2, 2020.

“The King of the North” in the Time of the End

Study article 19: July 6-12, 2020. We are seeing evidence that Daniel’s prophecy about “the king of the north” and “the king of the south” continues to be fulfilled. How can we be so sure? And why do we need to understand the details of this prophecy?

Rival Kings in the Time of the End

The prophecy of “the king of the north” and “the king of the south” overlaps with other prophecies. How do those prophecies prove that this system of things will soon end?

Who Is “the King of the North” Today?

Study article 20: July 13-19, 2020. Who is “the king of the north” today, and how will he come to his end? Knowing the answer can strengthen our faith and help prepare us for the trials we will face in the near future.

Do You Appreciate God-Given Gifts?

Study article 21: July 20-26, 2020. This article will build our appreciation for Jehovah and for some of the gifts that he has given us. It will also help us to reason with those who doubt that God exists.

Show Your Appreciation for Unseen Treasures

Study article 22: July 27–August 2, 2020. In the first article, we considered several treasures from God that can be seen. This article will focus on treasures that we cannot see and how we can show our appreciation for them. It will also deepen our appreciation for the Source of such treasures, Jehovah God.