This issue contains the study articles for August 3-30, 2020.

“Let Your Name Be Sanctified”

Study article 23: August 3-9, 2020. What important issue is facing all intelligent creation? What makes that issue so vital, and what role do we play in settling it? Understanding the answers to those and related questions will help us to strengthen our relationship with Jehovah.

“Unify My Heart to Fear Your Name”

Study article 24: August 10-16, 2020. In this article, we will focus on the portion of King David’s prayer recorded at Psalm 86:11, 12. What does it mean to fear the name of Jehovah? What basis do we have for being in awe of that great name? And how can the fear of God be a protection against giving in to temptation?

Questions From Readers

Are the qualities listed at Galatians 5:22, 23 all the aspects of “the fruitage of the spirit”?

“I Myself Will Search for My Sheep”

Study article 25: August 17-23, 2020. Why do some who have served Jehovah faithfully for years drift away from the congregation? How does God feel about them? This article considers answers to those questions. It also discusses what we can learn from the way Jehovah helped some in Bible times who temporarily drifted away from him.

“Return to Me”

Study article 26: August 24-30, 2020. Jehovah wants those who no longer associate with the congregation to return to him. We can do a lot to encourage those who want to accept Jehovah’s invitation: “Return to me.” In this article, we will consider how we can help them to do so.