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Do You Remember?

Do You Remember?

Have you carefully read the recent issues of The Watchtower? Well, see if you can answer the following questions:

Why did Jehovah approve of the wars of ancient Israel?

Jehovah is loving. Yet, on occasion, he authorized warfare when wickedness and oppression threatened his people. God alone determined who would engage in warfare and when.​—w15 11/1, pp. 4-5.

What important things can parents do to train their teenagers to serve Jehovah?

It is vital that parents have love for their teenage children and show humility by their example. It is also important that the parents show insight and strive to understand their teenagers.​—w15 11/15, pp. 9-11.

Why should the pope not be considered Peter’s successor?

Matthew 16:17, 18 does not say that the apostle Peter would be head of the Christian congregation. The Bible shows that rather than Peter having primacy, Jesus was to be the cornerstone of the congregation. (1 Pet. 2:4-8)​—w15 12/1, pp. 12-14.

We should consider what things before speaking?

To do good with our tongue, we should keep in mind (1) when to speak (Eccl. 3:7), (2) what to speak (Prov. 12:18), and (3) how to speak (Prov. 25:15).​—w15 12/15, pp. 19-22.

What are some dishonest ways that Christians avoid?

True Christians avoid both lying to and slandering others. They do not make false, malicious statements that injure others, and they neither commit fraud nor steal.​—wp16.1, p. 5.

Who were the “chief priests” mentioned in the Bible?

The expression “chief priests” evidently refers to principal members of the priesthood, including former high priests who had been deposed.​—wp16.1, p. 10.

How should we treat someone who partakes of the Memorial emblems?

Christians do not exalt such partakers. One who is truly anointed would not want to be exalted; nor would he want to publicize his standing with God. (Matt. 23:8-12)​—w16.01, pp. 23-24.

What can we learn from how Abraham became God’s friend?

Abraham took in knowledge about God, perhaps from Shem. And Abraham gained experience from the way God dealt with him and his family. We can try to do similarly.​—w16.02, pp. 9-10.

How did Bible chapter and verse numbering come about?

The 13th-century cleric Stephen Langton divided the Bible into chapters. Jewish copyists first assigned verses to the Hebrew Bible, and in the 16th century, scholar Robert Estienne did likewise for the Christian Greek Scriptures.​—wp16.2, pp. 14-15.

Did Satan physically take Jesus to the temple to tempt him?

We cannot say for sure. Matthew 4:5 and Luke 4:9 could mean that Jesus was taken there in a vision or that he stood on some high place in the temple precinct.​—w16.03, pp. 31-32.

In what ways can our Christian ministry be like dew?

Dew forms gradually and is refreshing and life-sustaining. Actual dew is a blessing from God. (Deut. 33:13) The combined effort of God’s people in the ministry is similar.​—w16.04, p. 4.