This issue contains the study articles for August 1-28, 2016.

Jehovah “Cares for You”

How can you be sure that God takes an interest in you? Consider the proof.

Appreciating Jehovah as Our Potter

How does God choose those whom he molds? Why does he mold them? And how does he do it?

Do You Let the Great Potter Mold You?

What traits will make you malleable in God’s hands?

Questions From Readers

Whom do the man with the secretary’s inkhorn and the six men with smashing weapons described in Ezekiel’s vision symbolize?

“Jehovah Our God Is One Jehovah”

In what sense is God “one,” and how can we worship him as such?

Do Not Let the Faults of Others Stumble You

In ancient times, faithful servants of God said or did things that hurt others. What can we learn from these Biblical examples?

A Godly Quality More Precious Than Diamonds

Possessing it is a priceless achievement.

Do You Remember?

Have you read the recent issues of The Watchtower? See what you remember.