This issue contains the study articles for November 27 to December 24, 2017.

“Love . . . in Deed and Truth”

How can we show that our love is completely sincere, free from hypocrisy?

The Truth Brings, “Not Peace, But a Sword”

What is the “sword” that Jesus said he would bring, and how might it affect you?

Visions of Zechariah​—How They Affect You

A flying scroll, a woman sealed inside a container, and two women soaring in the wind. Why did God give these striking visions to Zechariah?

Chariots and a Crown Safeguard You

Mountains of copper, chariots fitted for battle, and a high priest made king. Of what does Zechariah’s final vision assure God’s people today?


Blessings Come From Doing What Jehovah Asks

In 1952, Olive Matthews and her husband accepted an invitation to move to Ireland, to pioneer there. How did Jehovah bless them?

One Act of Christian Kindness

How did one act of kindness help an opposer to take an interest in Biblical truths?

Did You Know?

What Jewish practice caused Jesus to condemn the swearing of oaths?