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THE WATCHTOWER No. 4 2017 | What Does the Bible Say About Life and Death?


Is death part of God’s will for us? The Bible says: [God] will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more.”Revelation 21:4.

This issue of The Watchtower examines what the Bible says about life and death.



A Puzzling Question

Since opinions as to what happens at death differ widely, is there somewhere we can turn for reliable information?


What the Bible Says About Life and Death

Does some part of us live on after we die? Do we have an immortal soul? Where are the dead?

When a Loved One Is Terminally Ill

How can family members comfort and care for a terminally ill loved one? How can caregivers cope with the emotions they may experience throughout the course of the illness?

Elias Hutter and His Remarkable Hebrew Bibles

Elias Hutter, a 16th-century scholar, published two Bibles in Hebrew that were especially valuable.

A Powerful Reassurance From Hebrew’s Smallest Letter

What was Jesus’ point when he spoke about the smallest letter of the alphabet?

Paradise on Earth​—Fantasy or Reality?

The concept of a lost earthly paradise is a golden thread running through human history. Can such a paradise ever be regained?

What Does the Bible Say?

Anxiety appears to be part of the human condition. Can it be relieved?

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Why Do People Die?

The Bible’s answer to this question gives both comfort and hope.