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THE WATCHTOWER No. 2 2018 | What Does the Future Hold?


Have you ever wondered what the future will be for you and your family? The Bible says:

“The righteous will possess the earth, and they will live forever on it.”​—Psalm 37:29.

This issue of The Watchtower will help you to understand God’s wonderful purpose for mankind and the earth and what you must do to benefit from that purpose.


Predicting the Future

People have speculated about what is to come for thousands of years​—with differing degrees of success.

Astrology and Fortune-Telling​—Windows to the Future?

Can you trust these forms of prediction?

Prophecies That Have Come True

The Bible’s remarkable predictions have been fulfilled with complete accuracy.

A Silent Witness to Accurate Prophecy

An ancient monument in Rome testifies to the accuracy of Bible prophecy.

Promises That Will Come True

Many Bible prophecies have already been fulfilled, yet others refer to our future.

You Can Live Forever on Earth

The Bible describes the Creator’s purpose for mankind.

Your Future, Your Choice!

Some believe that fate, or predestination, controls their life. But is that really so?

“The Meek Will Possess the Earth”

The Bible promises a time when injustice and wickedness will be no more.