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“The Meek Will Possess the Earth”

“The Meek Will Possess the Earth”

Most of us have seen justice perverted and good, innocent people oppressed by evil ones. Will the time ever come when injustice and wickedness will be no more?

Psalm 37 in the Bible offers the answer, along with guidance for us now. Note what it says on the following important questions.

  • How should we react to those who oppress us?​—Verses 1, 2.

  • What will become of wicked people?​—Verse 10.

  • What is the future for those who do what is right?​—Verses 11, 29.

  • What should we do now?​—Verse 34.

The inspired words of Psalm 37 clearly point to a bright future for those who “hope in Jehovah and follow his way.” Jehovah’s Witnesses would be happy to assist you to study the Bible and to learn how you can secure that future for yourself and your loved ones.