This issue examines evidence from creation that reveals our Creator’s power and wisdom. Also, learn how we can act in harmony with one of Jesus’ loving prayers.

They Offered Themselves Willingly in the Philippines

Find out what has motivated some to quit their jobs, sell their belongings, and move to remote areas of the Philippines.

Creation Reveals the Living God

Learn how we can help others to understand the truth about the Creator and at the same time strengthen our own faith in him.

“Slave for Jehovah”

How can we avoid becoming enslaved to Satan? What are the rewards for faithful service as a slave of Jehovah?


Leaning on Jehovah Has Been Rewarding

Malcolm and Grace Allen have each served Jehovah for more than 75 years. Read how they learned that Jehovah blesses those who lean on him.

Lessons From a Well-Prepared Prayer

What lessons may we learn from the prayer of the Levites? How can we make our prayers more meaningful?

Act in Harmony With Jesus’ Loving Prayer

When he prayed, Jesus put Jehovah’s will ahead of his personal requests. How can we act in harmony with his prayer?

Can You Do More to Warn Others?

Learn how some have taken advantage of every opportunity to witness publicly while going about their daily affairs.