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Questions From Readers

Questions From Readers

 Questions From Readers

When did the Anglo-American World Power become the seventh world power of Bible prophecy?

▪ The giant metal image seen by King Nebuchadnezzar does not represent all world powers. (Dan. 2:31-45) It depicts only the five that ruled from Daniel’s time forward and that had significant dealings with God’s people.

Daniel’s description of the metal image conveys the idea that the Anglo-American World Power would emerge from, rather than conquer, Rome. In the image, Daniel sees the iron in the legs extending down through the feet and into the toes. (In the feet and toes, the iron is mixed with clay.) * That description indicates that the Anglo-American World Power would emerge from the legs of iron. History bears out the accuracy of that description. Britain, a former part of the Roman Empire, began rising to prominence in the late 1700’s. Later, the United States of America became a nation to be reckoned with. However, the seventh world power of Bible prophecy had not yet been formed. Why not? Britain and the United States had not yet acted together in a significant way. This occurred during World War I.

By that time, “the sons of the kingdom” were active mostly in the United States, their world headquarters being located in Brooklyn, New York. (Matt. 13:36-43) Members of the anointed class were actively preaching in countries dominated by the British Empire. During World War I, the British and American powers forged a special bond when fighting mutual political enemies. They also, in the increased nationalism created by the war, expressed enmity toward those who were part of the seed of God’s “woman,” banning publications they produced and imprisoning those taking the lead in the preaching work.​—Rev. 12:17.

From the perspective of Bible prophecy, then, the seventh world power did not become established in the late 1700’s when Britain first began its rise to prominence. Rather, it attained that position at the beginning of the Lord’s day. *


^ par. 4 The clay that is mixed with iron represents elements within the realm of the ironlike Anglo-American World Power. Over time, this clay has made it difficult for that power to be as strong as it would like to be.

^ par. 6 This explanation updates the information discussed on page 57, paragraph 24, of the Daniel’s Prophecy book and depicted in the charts on pages 56 and 139.

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Eight brothers from the Watchtower headquarters were sent to prison in June 1918