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Introducing the Simplified English Edition

Introducing the Simplified English Edition

Introducing the Simplified English Edition

WE ARE pleased to announce that for a trial period of one year, beginning with this issue of the study edition of The Watchtower, we will publish simultaneously each month a simplified English edition. It will contain the study articles and, as space allows, selected secondary articles. We believe that this will fill a vital spiritual need for many of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Why so?

English is the common language spoken by our brothers in such lands as Fiji, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, and Solomon Islands. Although our brothers in these countries may speak other local, or indigenous, languages, they often use English for everyday communication at congregation meetings and in the field ministry. However, the English they use is simpler than what we use in our publications. Also, there are others of Jehovah’s people who have moved to countries where they must use English to communicate even though their knowledge of the language is quite limited. Moreover, they cannot attend congregation meetings conducted in their mother tongue.

The articles that we consider each week at the Watchtower Study are the principal means to keep us well-supplied with timely spiritual food. Therefore, to help all in attendance to benefit fully from this material, the simplified English edition uses a smaller vocabulary with simplified grammar and syntax. This new edition will have a distinctive cover. The subheadings, paragraphs, review questions, and artwork in the study articles will coincide with those in the standard edition. Thus, all can follow along in either edition and participate at the Watchtower Study. To show the difference in wording in the two editions, see the example below from paragraph 2 of the first study article in this issue.

It is our hope that this new provision will answer the prayers of many who have said to Jehovah: “Make me understand, that I may learn your commandments.” (Ps. 119:73) We are confident that those with a limited knowledge of English, as well as some younger English-speaking children, will thus be able to prepare better for the Watchtower Study each week. We give all thanks to Jehovah that out of “love for the whole association of brothers,” he is using the “faithful and discreet slave” to give spiritual food in abundance.​—1 Pet. 2:17; Matt. 24:45.

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