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Armageddon—A Catastrophic End?

Armageddon—A Catastrophic End?

Armageddon​—A Catastrophic End?

ARMAGEDDON! Does this word conjure up images of mass destruction or a cosmic conflagration? Few Bible expressions have become as much a part of everyday speech as “Armageddon” has. The term has been widely used to describe the gloomy prospects facing humans. The entertainment industry has fed people’s imagination with horrific scenes of a coming “Armageddon.” The word is shrouded in mystery and misconceptions. While ideas as to its meaning abound, most of them are not in line with what the Bible​—the source of the expression—​teaches about Armageddon.

Since the Bible links Armageddon with “the end of the world,” would you not agree that it is vital to have a clear understanding of what the word really signifies? (Matthew 24:3, King James Version) And would it not be reasonable to turn to the ultimate source of truth, God’s Word, to find answers about the nature of Armageddon and what it will mean for you and your family?

Such an examination will show that instead of bringing a cataclysmic end, Armageddon will introduce a happy beginning for people who desire to live and thrive in a righteous new world. You will be rewarded with a clear understanding of this vital Scriptural truth as you consider the discussion of Armageddon’s real meaning in the next article.

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• A nuclear holocaust

• An environmental disaster

• A collision of a celestial body with the earth

• Divine destruction of the wicked