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Tailor-Made and Timeless Values—Self-Control

Tailor-Made and Timeless Values—Self-Control

BIBLE PRINCIPLE: “A stupid person gives vent to all his feelings, but the wise one calmly keeps them in check.”Proverbs 29:11.

“I feel as though I have been raised from the dead!”

THE BENEFITS: If you were to list all the benefits of self-control, you would need reams of paper! At the very least, this quality protects our physical health. “A calm heart gives life [or, “health,” footnote] to the body,” the Bible says. It also states that “a joyful heart is good medicine.” (Proverbs 14:30; 17:22) Conversely, studies show that people who are prone to anger and hostility increase their risk of ill health, especially cardiovascular disease. Of course, the benefits of self-control go far beyond physical health.

Cassius, now in his 30’s, recalls: “I was quarrelsome and hot-tempered, and I often picked fights. I had very little self-respect. But all that changed when I began to apply Bible principles. I learned to control my temper and to cultivate humility and a forgiving spirit. Otherwise, I might have ended up in prison. Indeed, I feel as though I have been raised from the dead!”

Cassius learned to control his temper and be forgiving