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Tailor-Made and Timeless Values—Fidelity

Tailor-Made and Timeless Values—Fidelity

BIBLE PRINCIPLE: “Let marriage be honorable among all, and let the marriage bed be without defilement.”Hebrews 13:4.

THE BENEFITS: Some people consider those words antiquated. But they are wrong—dead wrong! Unfaithfulness hurts as deeply today as it did when the Bible was penned.Proverbs 6:34, 35.

Jessie, who is both a husband and a father, wrote: “Marital faithfulness has contributed greatly to my strong relationship with my wife and to our happiness. Indeed, trust is very important in a marriage. Infidelity destroys that trust”—not to mention the further effects it has on children!

Ligaya * put her marriage in jeopardy. “I began to associate with bad people,” she says. “This led to my taking part in wild nightlife and to cheating on my husband.” Did this way of life make her happy? She and her husband constantly argued, and she was miserable. She adds: “When I reflected on the embarrassing mess I had got myself into, I realized just how right my parents were when they used to say, ‘Bad associations corrupt good morals.’”1 Corinthians 15:33, footnote.

Ligaya continues: “Before things got worse, I decided to stop my bad ways and study the Bible—this time applying its teachings.” The results? She saved her marriage, and her husband began to treat her more kindly and respectfully. “The Bible changed my life,” she says, “and I have no regrets about leaving my old ways and so-called friends.”

^ par. 6 Some names have been changed.