AWAKE! November 2014 | Keys to a Happy Life

The Bible contains practical advice that can help you live a happy life. Consider four examples of the Bible’s dependable wisdom.

Watching the World

Subjects include: abandoned plans for protecting Ecuador’s rainforest, the difficulty of detecting tainted blood, and pet custody battles in Australia.


Keys to a Happy Life

Can the Bible’s wisdom really help you to have a happy life? This article examines four Bible principles that really work.

Roman Aqueducts—Marvels of Engineering

Why did the ancient Romans build aqueducts? What makes these aqueducts such a feat of engineering?


When Your Child Lies

What should you do if your child lies? This article discusses Bible-based advice that can help you teach your child the importance of telling the truth.


I Found Hope When I Needed It Most

At 20 years of age, Miklós Aleksza became paralyzed due to a tragic accident. How did the Bible help him to find real hope for a better future?



Consider the Bible’s reasonable advice, which has helped millions of people to live a clean, healthy life.

“A Stark and Powerful Symbol”

Why has a building in Hiroshima City, Japan remained partly in ruins since 1945? Read about this unique structure and how it relates to what the Bible promises for the future.

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