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For Family Review

For Family Review

For Family Review

What Is Different?

Can you identify the three differences between picture A and picture B? Write your answers on the lines below, and complete the pictures by coloring them.

CLUE: Read Isaiah 6:1-8.

1. ․․․․․

2. ․․․․․

3. ․․․․․

4. Which picture is correct, picture A or picture B?


What good attitude did Isaiah have? How can you show that you have a humble and willing spirit?

CLUE: Read Psalm 110:3; Matthew 28:19, 20.


Have each family member research facts about the role of the angels. Then come together and report what you have learned. For example, what are some of the responsibilities of the angels?

CLUE: Read Psalm 34:7; Hebrews 1:14; Revelation 14:6, 7.

Are the angels organized?

CLUE: Read Psalm 103:19-21.

Are angels humble and willing to help others?

CLUE: Read Judges 13:17, 18; Luke 22:43; Revelation 22:8, 9.

Collect and Learn

Cut out, fold in half, and save



A. Who went with Isaiah to deliver a message to King Ahaz?

B. When Jehovah asked, “Whom shall I send?” how did Isaiah reply?

C. Isaiah foretold: “The earth will certainly be filled . . . ”


4026 B.C.E. Adam created

Lived circa 700’s B.C.E.

1 C.E.

98 C.E. Last Bible book written


Lived in Jerusalem




A faithful prophet, who made the worship of God a family activity. He set a good example for them by the way he carried out his ministry. His wife was called “the prophetess.” (Isaiah 7:3; 8:3, 18) Isaiah served God for at least 46 years. His name means “Salvation of Jehovah.”


A. His son, Shear-jashub.​—Isaiah 7:3.

B. “Here I am! Send me.”​—Isaiah 6:8.

C. “. . . with the knowledge of Jehovah.”​—Isaiah 11:9.

Peoples and Lands

5. Our names are Abigail, aged 9, and Jeriah, aged 7. We live in India. About how many of Jehovah’s Witnesses live in India? Is it 31,500, 59,600, or 86,000?

6. Which dot shows where we live? Circle it, draw a dot where you live, and see how close you are to India.





Children’s Picture Search

Can you find these pictures in this issue? In your own words, describe what is happening in each picture.

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● “FOR FAMILY REVIEW” answers on page 20


1. The angel has six wings in one picture but four in the other.

2. The angel has tongs in one picture but a sword in the other.

3. The coal touches Isaiah’s lips in one picture but his hands in the other.

4. B.

5. 31,500.

6. B.

[Picture Credit Line on page 31]

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