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 Young People Ask

What Makes a Social Event Really Fun?

What Makes a Social Event Really Fun?

Below, put a ✔ next to the activity that you look forward to most at a social event.

  • eating

  • dancing

  • playing games

  • making new friends

  • connecting with old friends

  • other ․․․․․

MOST young people love getting together, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Social events are even mentioned favorably in the Bible.

Did you know?

  • Job’s sons held family gatherings.​—Job 1:4.

  • Jesus attended a sizable wedding celebration.​—John 2:1-11.

  • Christians in the first century socialized in private homes.​—Acts 2:46, 47.

There’s no denying that getting together with friends is fun. Sadly, however, some gatherings are anything but refreshing.

TRUE STORY “I was invited to a party with an open invitation, meaning anyone could come, and it was to be held at the house of a boy whose parents were out of town. I decided not to go, and I’m glad! The next day, I heard that there was alcohol everywhere and that some people got intoxicated. Three boys even passed out. Also, a fight broke out, and the police had to come and shut down the party.”​—Janelle.

LESSON Don’t leave things up to chance! Whether you’re organizing an event or you’ve been invited to one, be sure you know the answers to the questions on the following pages. That way you’ll be much more likely to have great memories​—and no regrets—​once the party is over.


“When my friend had a gathering, her mom knew where everyone was. Even when I went to the car to grab a jacket, she asked where I was going. Was she overcautious? Maybe. But I wasn’t offended because I realize it’s better to be safe than sorry.”​—Kim.

“I’ve been to good events, and I think the reason why they were a success is that there was a variety of age groups there. Plus, the people giving the gathering had fun activities planned, so nobody was left to wander off and do his own thing.”​—Andrea.