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For Family Review

For Family Review

 For Family Review

What Is Different?

Can you identify the three differences between picture A and picture B? Write your answers on the lines below, and complete the pictures by coloring them.

CLUE: Read Exodus 25:10-22.

1. ․․․․․

2. ․․․․․

3. ․․․․․

4. Which picture is correct, picture A or picture B?


What did the ark of the covenant represent for Israel?

CLUE: Read Exodus 25:22; Leviticus 16:2.

What was more important than the Ark’s presence?

CLUE: Read Joshua 7:1-6, 11, 12.

How important is obedience if you are to please your parents and Jehovah?

CLUE: Read 1 Samuel 15:22, 23; Ephesians 6:1-3.


Have each family member research facts about the ark of the covenant. Then come together and report what you have learned. For example, over time, what items were kept in the Ark? Draw them, and discuss their importance.

CLUE: Read Hebrews 9:4.

How was the Ark to be carried? What happened when David did not obey Jehovah’s instructions for carrying the Ark?

CLUE: Read Exodus 37:5; 1 Chronicles 13:7, 9-14; 15:12-15.

 Collect and Learn

Cut out, fold in half, and save



A. Who murdered Abel?

B. How did Jehovah view Abel and his sacrifice?

C. Fill in the blank. Abel worked as a ․․․․․.


4026 B.C.E. Adam created

Lived circa 3900’s B.C.E.

1 C.E.

98 C.E. Last Bible book written


Lived outside garden of Eden

Garden of Eden?



The second son of Adam and Eve and the first man of faith listed in the Bible. Abel proved that he wanted God’s favor by offering an acceptable sacrifice. Although the Bible does not record anything Abel said, his example and faith set a pattern for us.​—Genesis 4:1-11; Hebrews 11:4.


A. His brother, Cain.​—1 John 3:11, 12.

B. “With favor.”​—Genesis 4:4.

C. Shepherd.​—Genesis 4:2.

Peoples and Lands

5. Our names are Dean, aged 10, and Jennifer, aged 7. We live in Australia. About how many of Jehovah’s Witnesses live in Australia? Is it 36,400, 63,400, or 93,400?

6. Which dot shows where we live? Circle it, draw a dot where you live, and see how close you are to Australia.





Children’s Picture Search

Can you find these pictures in this issue? In your own words, describe what is happening in each picture.

● “FOR FAMILY REVIEW” answers on page 15


1. Poles and rings are missing.

2. Cherubs’ wings should spread over the cover.

3. Cherubs’ faces should look toward the cover.

4. B.

5. 63,400.

6. C.