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From Our Readers

From Our Readers

From Our Readers

Insect-Borne Disease I work as a teacher at a university and have been the head of the microbiology, parasitology, and biochemistry laboratories there for the past 24 years. You are able to present scientific matters in a simple manner! The series “When Insects Spread Disease” fascinated me. (May 22, 2003) Sometimes there are points in scientific textbooks that I do not understand. But when you present those points, I can understand them right away. Thanks for all your effort.

M. R., Mexico

Cheating Thanks for the article “Young People Ask . . . What’s Wrong With Cheating?” (January 22, 2003) Fellow students have offered me huge sums of money to take tests for them. My refusal to cheat for them has been misconstrued as unreasonable. The article reminded me to uphold God’s standards and never to compromise.

F.A.C., Nigeria

I never did my own homework but would copy it from my classmates. This article helped me to understand that copying from someone is the same as theft. And while this point of view doesn’t sit well with my schoolmates, I’ve taken my stand.

Y. D., Russia

Trolleybus I live and work in Italy, and I appreciate with all my heart the woman, one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, who brings me your magazines in Russian. I read the article “A Trip on the World’s Longest Trolleybus Line.” (March 22, 2003) It spoke of the Crimean coast in Ukraine, where I used to live. Thank you for this brief but appealing visit to my home region.

Z. B., Italy

Diabetes When I read the series “Living With Diabetes” (May 8, 2003) and read that frequent urination is a symptom, I realized that I might have diabetes myself. So I went to a hospital and learned that I am diabetic. Over a month has passed since I was examined, and I am working on lowering my blood sugar levels with medication, diet, and exercise. If I hadn’t seen the magazine, I might not have discovered that I have the illness.

Y. N., Japan

I am not one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, but I receive your magazines from a kind neighbor. I thoroughly enjoyed the series on diabetes. Since I am training to be a geriatric nurse, I had to write a paper on this subject. If I had received the magazine a few days earlier, it would have saved me from having to look in so many books! Your articles are very useful.

A. S., Germany

Worms I was impressed by the article “The Fascinating World of Worms.” (May 8, 2003) I was listening to a local radio station when earthworms were being discussed. Immediately, I picked up my issue of Awake! and turned to this article. Surprisingly, the radio announcer was quoting from that issue. That tells me that Awake! is useful all over the world.

F. B., Nigeria

I was amazed to read that there are over 1,800 species of earthworms. I guess that if it wasn’t for the work of these little farmers, we would do nothing from morning till night but dig into hard soil. Even so, I cannot say that this article has made me actually like worms, but I do appreciate their worth.

Y. N., Japan