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Show Love

Show Love

The Problem

Feelings of prejudice do not disappear quickly. Just as it takes time and effort to get rid of a virus, it takes time and effort to get rid of prejudice. What can you do to remove prejudice from within you?

Bible Principle

“Clothe yourselves with love, for it is a perfect bond of union.”​—COLOSSIANS 3:14.

What does it mean? Doing kind things for others brings people together. The more you show your love for others, the less prejudiced you become. The more love you feel, the less room you leave in your heart for hatred or contempt.

What You Can Do

Think of specific ways that you can show love for people who are from a group that you may have viewed negatively. These actions do not have to be elaborate. Try to do one or more of the following:

With each small act of love, you will move further away from prejudice

  • Show good manners to members of that group by holding the door open or by giving up your seat on public transportation for one of them.

  • Try to engage in small talk, even if they do not speak your language fluently.

  • Be patient when they act in a way that you do not understand.

  • Be sympathetic if they talk about their problems.