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AWAKE! No. 3 2020 | Is There a Cure for Prejudice?

Most of us recognize prejudice in others. But it may be difficult to see it in ourselves.

Consider some practical advice that can help us to be more impartial.


Prejudice​—Are You Infected?

What are some telltale signs that we might be prejudiced?

Get the Facts

Misinformation can cloud our view of others. See how the real-life example of a former soldier demonstrates this fact.

Show Empathy

Of what could a lack of empathy be a symptom?

Recognize the Strengths of Others

Egotism can lead to prejudice. What is the antidote?

Expand Your Circle of Friends

See the benefits of having friends who aren’t just like you.

Show Love

Showing love can remove prejudice. Consider some specific ways.

A Lasting Cure

What four things will God’s Kingdom do to cure prejudice?

They Broke the Barrier of Prejudice

Watch three videos that show how people overcame their prejudices.