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AWAKE! No. 3 2017 | Is the Bible Really From God?

Is the Bible from God? Or is it a book that contains purely thoughts from men?

This issue of Awake! considers three lines of evidence that the Bible really is from God.



The Bible​—Is It Truly “Inspired of God”?

Some feel that the Bible is connected in some way to God. Some view it as merely a compilation of ancient fables, history, and commands written by man.


The Bible​—Accurate in All Respects

Not only did the Bible accurately describe elements of the natural world long before scientists could explain them, but it also foretold the rise and fall of empires, and offered satisfactory answers to life’s big questions.


The Importance of Chores

Are you reluctant to assign your children chores? If so, consider how helping out around the house can teach them responsibility and bring them joy.

The Enteric Nervous System​—Your Body’s “Second Brain”?

This complex “chemical workshop” is located mostly in your belly. What exactly does it do for you?


A Software Designer Explains His Faith

When Dr. Fan Yu began his career as a research mathematician he believed in evolution. Now he believes that life was designed and was created by God. Why?



Angels have been depicted in literature, artwork, and films. What do the Scriptures reveal about them?


The Sea Otter’s Fur

Some aquatic mammals rely on a thick layer of blubber to stay warm. The sea otter uses a different method.

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How Can I Earn More Freedom?

You think you are ready to be treated more like an adult, but your parents may disagree. What steps can you take to gain their trust?

Who Is the Author of the Bible?

If it was written by men, can it rightly be called the Word of God? Whose thoughts does the Bible contain?